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Templefields Multi- Academy Trust


All Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) have Members and Trustees (who are also known as Directors). Members and Trustees are legally and ultimately accountable to the Secretary of State for Education for the performance and operation of TMAT.

TRUSTEES have 7 key roles:

  • Determine the detailed Governance of TMAT - operation of Trust Board, Committee Structure, g. Scheme of Delegation, composition of Local Governing Bodies (LGBs)
  • Set TMAT’s strategic direction
  • Ensure effective TMAT performance and outcomes
  • Determine TMAT Policies and Practices
  • Oversee effective, efficient and compliant use of public funds
  • Hold LGBs to account for individual academy performance within the MAT
  • Undertake Performance Management of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and other Senior Leadership Team as determined

Trustees have all the responsibilities normally associated with Governors in LA maintained schools, but with additional one which come with academy status. Trustees are also Directors of the Limited Liability Company (liability limited to £20).

  • Trustees liability is insured against.
  • There is a 4 year term of office as determined within the Mem & Arts.
  • No employee to serve as a Trustee.
  • All normal Due Diligence is required for Trustees including Enhanced DBS check.
  •  Will normally meet 3 times a year as whole Trust Board (once an academic term).
  •  Will establish Committees as appropriate.

Pen Portraits of Trustees as they stand presently can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on links below:

Trustee Pen Portraits

Trustees Register of Interests as they stand presently,  can be viewed or downloaded by clicking on links below:

Trustee Register of Interests

Principles Applying to " Connected Party" Relationships